Say Some More Activity Choices

This example has 2 Conversations that are listed in the column on the left, and 2 Pages that are listed in the column on the right.: Activities 1 and Activities 2, with the first Page being shown. The user can choose to play board games, watch TV, listen to music, go for a walk... Of course, since it's so easily programmed, you can add or remove choices. The user would select the Page from the column on the right, then tap indivudal requests from each page. With Quick Talk turned off, the messages appear as text in the bottom panel, but are not spoken until the bottom area is tapped. When Quick Talk is turned on, the messages still appear in the bottom panel, but are spoken as soon as the square is tapped.
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The iPad app that literally gives a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

Created by Dale Hubert, M. Ed.

Say Some More AAC

The programmable platform for AAC applications (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Children with special needs can communicate, learn from social scripts, build reading skills, listen to music, and much more...
Helpful for people with cognitive or organizational issues as it can be used as a visual schedule and memory prompt
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